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We often watch videos of people rebuilding wrecked cars, but we seldom see how much money it costs to get it done. In this clip, we find out how much it cost to rebuild a wrecked Audi R8, as well as a time-lapse of work done to the car.

It cost $70 000 for Alex Rebuilds to buy this wrecked Audi R8. It may seem like a decent price for a vehicle that is worth significantly more once it's been repaired, but how much did it cost Alex to fix it?

Well, let's find out, shall we, if purchasing top quality parts for this rebuild is going to help Alex turn a profit if he sells it. Yes, many people will say one could get certain parts cheaper, but the quality is usually inferior and, on a sports car like this, would you risk it? Also, it's worth mentioning that he did add a few custom items, such as the rear wing, diffuser and front lip.

The second part of the video is a time-lapse of the rebuild, showcasing the attention to detail that Alex prides himself on. Ultimately, was the time it took to get the job done worth it, basically, should he sell it for a marginal profit (which excludes labour costs), or should he simply keep it and enjoy what this rebuilt Audi R8 has to offer?

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