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The Audi Al:Trail is so high-tech and futuristic it is quite adequate to say it is pure science fiction.

From time-to-time, car brands tend to get a bit creative – or should we say, carried away – with their concept cars, regardless if they ever make it the production line or not.

This time around, Audi grabbed their pencils and drafting paper and sketched up something rather unique, to say the least, for the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The idea was to have a partially autonomous utility vehicle that is able to attack the terrains like no other car could – and that doesn't seem too far-fetched either, with its mammoth 340mm of ground clearance and some rather large 22" rims that can fit any type of tyres that might suit your needs!

We all know that electric cars are pretty impressive when it comes to power and torque, and at 1750kg, 430bhp and 737.6lb ft (1000Nm) of torque, this crazy monster of a mommy van moves like a rocket! 

And, if that wasn't nerdy enough for you, let's see what you make of this: The Audi Al:Trail doesn't have headlights, instead, it has drones that fly out the front in order to illuminate the way in front of you – we wonder what the aviation authorities will make of that idea!


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