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Here is a list of 10 cars that share the same headlights (and some taillights), is this a way to save cash with spare parts? But what is the reason for this all? Let us find out.

To be honest, not a lot of people know this about car designers and manufacturers. But it is quite common practise to literally take the exact same design headlights from another car with a completely different brand and fit it onto another. The most well-known example of this would have to be the classic Lamborghini Countach headlights are the exact same headlights as the Nissan 300ZX. Yes! Lamborghini and Nissan! But who stole who's headlights in this case?

Some other examples which may also sound incredibly far fetched but are actually very true would be headlights off of an Aston Martin Virage and a Volkswagen Scirocco and to your surprise, the taillights are an exact match as well, yap! Exactly the same! And this happens with other car manufacturers tail lights as well, such as the McLaren F1 shares the rear lights with a Dutch brand: Bova Futura city bus!

This is simply ridiculous!

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