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Girl finds incredibly rare and highly valuable Lamborghini Countach as well as a Ferrari 308 in her grandmother's garage which hasn't been opened since the 80s.

There have definitely been some incredible stories circulating about rare car finds that have been forgotten or neglected over the years, and it still never fails to catch our imagination in such cases.

This time, a girl stumbled across a Lamborghini Countach in her grandmother's garage who was apparently a compulsive hoarder (which doesn't explain why nobody knew about this car, not even her daughter). And if that wasn't enough, just a few metres behind the Lamborghini Countach sits an iconic Ferrari 308.

These two cars combined are worth Millions of Rands, but according to the girl's Reddit page, she wishes to restore the two cars back to a decent condition, but unfortunately, the decision is not up to her as she shares the inheritance with her four siblings. But nevertheless, it is always a good feeling to anyone who appreciates cars, that there are still some vintage gems left in the world and to the right owner, it will become a show car for everyone to admire

What would you do in this case? Keep or sell the cars?

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