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The Lamborghini Sian uses a V12 and a supercapacitor to find 808bhp, making it the most powerful Lambo ever.

At the Frankfurt motor show in late September, Lamborghini will reveal the limited-edition Sian, its first hybrid model ever. The newcomer is based on the Aventador’s chassis and will sit above the Aventador SVJ.

The hybrid system uses a supercapacitor, which is lighter than a battery pack but charges and discharges more quickly. It doesn't hold a charge as well as a battery bank but, according to Lamborghini, the car will fully recharge after one braking application.

Although the Sian can't run on electricity alone, the electric motor does supply 34 extra bhp to the 774bhp 6.5-litre V12. This translates to a combined peak power figure of 808bhp at 8500rpm, which suggests this car means business.

Lamborghini says the electric motor increases the V12’s power delivery and improves the in-gear performance while increasing torque during gearshifts. What this means is that, while it'll do 0-62mph in the same 2.8sec as its SVJ sibling, it knocks over a second off the 40-70mph sprint. It also aids the single-clutch transmission, smoothing out gear-changes when the clutch engages and disengages.

According to the Italian firm, its aggressive design is inspired by Marcello Gandini’s iconic 1974 Countach LP400. If you squint, you might see the connection... Climb inside and you're greeted with the familiar Aventador architecture albeit with the new Huracán Evo’s portrait touchscreen.

Only 63 Lamborghini Sian's will be built. Don't bother trying to get your hands on one, though, they're already all sold. Don't fret, this will inevitably be just the first of many hybrid Lambos as a new generation of raging bull's are due in the not too distant future. Watch this space.

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