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YouTuber 3D prints a Lamborghini Aventador and takes it for its first drive.

A Lamborghini is by far one of the most iconic and recognisable car brands to date. It's also one of the most desired cars to own, whether you're an automotive enthusiast or not. But, the unfortunate reality is that not many fans will ever be able to get the opportunity to drive one, nevermind afford and own one.

So what the next best thing? Maybe save up and get that old second-hand Golf 2 for sale in your local neighbourhoods classifieds? Or you can do what YouTuber by the channel name lasersterling did and 3D printed himself a Lamborghini Aventador at home.

Sounds simple enough, but unfortunately the art of 3D printing is still in its infancy, and printers that are capable of printing relatively large designs are incredibly expensive, especially for a hobbiest. Lasersterling apparently managed to get his hands on the design files of a real Lamborghini Aventador and then formatted them for his 3D printer.

This time he uploads a video of his first quick drive in the Aventador and gives his viewers an update on the build. His progress is quite incredible, to say the least!

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