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Strap on your seatbelts, we're going for a road trip with the Mighty Car Mods dudes across Japan in yet another feature-length film.

If you've been living under a pile of old car parts, then you may not have heard of Mighty Car Mods, a YouTube channel hosted by two Ozzies that's loaded with interesting car modifications and peppered with bucket loads of fun.

Besides their regular series uploads, they've been known to do full-length films, like this one, called Turbos & Temples 2.

The basic overview is that Marty and Moog set off to Japan to collect Moog's Christmas present to Marty, and then they drive from Osaka to Tokyo as only Mighty Car Mods can.

It's an epic drive in a super- and turbo-charged cabbie... one that will most definitely surprise you! Along the journey, the boys dive into the heart of Japanese culture, meet a bunch of interesting people and teach you all about the car too.

This channel doesn't have 2.9 million followers for nothing, so get yourself some popcorn, sit back and emerse yourself in a little bit of JDM awesomeness!

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