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Having a cool car is awesome, having many is even better, but how many people actually spend enough time on the garage itself?

Money doesn't buy taste, as they say, but the people who created this garage didn't get that memo. This garage is astounding, not only because it is full of amazing vehicles, but the attention to detail of the showcase is top class.

Besides the cars, the garage contains a ton of memorabilia, toys, books and a full-size wire model of a Formula 1 racecar. There are car parts as centrepieces, a bar and lounge with a TV to watch F1 on, and you could eat off the floor.

Back to the cars though, and this collection includes mainly Porche's and Ferrari's, many exotic models of each, and a few interesting choices too. It's a petrolhead's wet dream, so I suggest you press the play button below.

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