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We get to take a look behind the scenes of four famous YouTubers dream garages.

We see the garages when we watch their YouTube videos, but how much do we really know about each one? Well, not much besides how nice they are, so the guy at Gears and Gasoline decided to showcase just four of his favourites from the east coast of the USA.

These dream garages serve different purposes for the owners. For Ed Bolian from Vin Wiki, it's to showcase his collection and to serve as a studio for his famous interviews, while Ryan Scott of Pure Function uses his as a man cave and a workshop for his Toyota Supras.

Then there's the ultra-clean Obsessed Garage of OCD sufferer, Matt Moreman. For his channel, he has a superbly functional workshop, while at home, he has a garage with a built-in wash bay.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Freddy Hernandez of Tavarish fame, whose garage is, let's say, rather untidy. This huge garage is built for purpose and feels like it gets used every day.

For many of us, these are life goals, so check out the video below to find out all about these dream garages.

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