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In the late '70s, Audi was inspired by war vehicles to create what would become a legend in its own lifetime, the incredible Audi Quattro.

It was 1976 when Audi realised that an all-wheel-drive would make an incredible racing car, specifically for rally racing, after they watched a display of army vehicles traversing the mud and snow with pitifully underpowered engines.

Basically, this was the granddaddy of every all-wheel-drive Audi created to date. They didn't think it would sell in huge numbers but they just needed to sell a couple hundred to the public to qualify for homologation into rally racing. The first season they weren't allowed to race for points but could race for fun and, when everyone saw what it was capable of, they bought them by the hundreds.

With the Quattro's now allowed to officially challenge for the championship, soon they were winning and making history, especially in the notorious and dangerous Group B.

Hit the play button below and learn more from the dudes at Donut about this fascinating piece of automotive history.

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