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This video will make any JDM fan very sad. This is where Japan's race cars go to die.

Well, to be honest, it's not just race cars, and it's not just a graveyard. Some of these cars are actually being resurrected, and that'll make you feel better.

The workshop on the property work on a variety of Japanse and European cars, like the gorgeous BMW Alpina and DTM Merc from yesteryear. The restored JDM cars are gorgeous and will have you drooling.

Stepping into the yard, and the list of incredible cars go on and on. Most of them are old race cars who have outlived their purpose, but the hope is that they'll be given some TLC too.

We hop on board with Sam from YouTube channel, SAMMIT, as he gives us a tour of this incredible collection. Press play below to find out more.

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