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Alex Choi is a nutter. How nuts? Enough to turn a Lamborghini Huracan into a rally car.

In his own words, Alex Choi says, "Five months in the making, the Unicorn V3 is finally here, and will probably go down in history as being the most controversial Huracan in America."

This outrageous Lambo has an exoskeleton, a pink one, it's got twin-turbos and a massive intercooler, huge air-filters, custom tyres, a massive wing and a rally lighting kit.

Some of its body panels have been deleted, exposing parts of the mechanicals, including custom fabricated items, and the standard taillights have been flipped upsidedown. It's sporting a rear diffuser from and R8, and there's still more to come.

Is it practical? Probably not? Will it turn heads? Definitely yes. Is it road legal? Bizarrely, yes it is!

Check out the video below and look out for part two where Alex installs a $16 000 ECU to make this thing even angrier.

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