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This is a one-of-one, custom Dodge Charger called the Scraptona, and it's epic!

The original car was left to the elements, standing on bricks for years and used as spares for another project. When the current owners (Tred Wear) saw it, they realised it was the perfect car for their own idea, and the Scraptona project was born.

All that was useable from the original was the body, pretty much everything else was either damaged or gone completely. A quick meeting with a friend and a completely custom chassis was fabricated to make the car sit lower to the ground.

The fenders on all four corners were cut to accommodate the new, larger wheels and tyres, and custom metal bolt-on fenders were made. A huge V8 pushing out 740bhp was installed into the engine bay and a custom, clear bonnet created to show off the components.

The inside received much in the way custom fabrication too, from front to back, and it's boss. The seats are one-off pieces with racing harnesses installed, and the transmission tunnel, dashboard and roll cage were created from scratch. The entire back-half of the car, from just behind the seats is completely naked and viewable through a clear plastic separator.

This is a racecar posing as a show car that you'll fall in love with. It's loud and brash and will make you want to buy it. We join Cleetus McFarland and crew as they take a walk around and head out for a drive.

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