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Ken Block swaps his gymkhana cabbies to test his new custom Ford Raptor in the rocks and sand of the Moab.

Ken isn't always in full Hoonigan mode, sometimes he likes to take things a bit easy. Well... easy for Ken, which is likely a very different level than for regular mortals.

He's had the latest edition to the Hoonigan garage for a few months but hasn't had the opportunity to get it out of the garage until recently. Eager to see what this modified Ford Raptor can do, he shoots off to the Moab for some fun in the rocks and sand.

The Raptor itself has received some work. It's got a custom front bumper with bash-plate and a strip of LED lights with another band of matching lights above the windscreen. The rear bumper is also custom and designed to offer an improved departure angle and includes a towbar mounts while the whole vehicle is covered in a Hoonigan wrap.

The engine has received a larger intercooler, custom exhaust pipes and light tuning but, to serve those massive 37-inch tyres, the suspension has been heavily reworked, especially at the rear. In fact, to accommodate for the extra size, they offer three-way damping across a12 to 15-inches of travel. They actually poke through the standard load bay and mount to a fabricated housing that also carries two spare tyres.

All-in-all, it's a beast. To see how it copes with some light racing through the Moab hit the play button on the video below.

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