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It's the next instalment of Klimbkhana with Ken Block, this time on Tianmen Mountain, deep in the middle of China.

He's back in all of his smoke and drifting glory, tackling one of the most dangerous roads in China. Ken Block stars in Climbkhana Two: Tianmen Mountain, and it is epic.

The road consists of 99 deadly turns that Block has to navigate in his 914hp Hoonitruck from the base of the mountain. The views are spectacular, not that he has much time to appreciate them as he hurtles forward as a man possessed.

The Hoonitruck pops, bangs and screams up the narrow passage to the summit as he clips the edges of the precarious bollards that keep him from falling hundreds of metres to sure death. Tyre smoke engulfs the forested mountainside as Block navigates though various obstacles, including a panda on a hoverboard.

It's nail-biting stuff, and you should watch the video below immediately!

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