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What does it take to make drifting the Nurburgring a reality? Well, let's take a look at this behind-the-scenes video featuring Vaughn Gittin JR and the team that made it happen.

The Nurburgring is tough to drive as it is, but when you're attempting it in a drift-ready Ford Mustang with camera cars tracking you throughout, it's just that more difficult.

Vaughn Gittin JR has always dreamed of drifting the entire track. Why? Well, he is a drift king and accomplished racer, so why wouldn't he want to do that?

But, as in life, there are many hurdles to overcome first. For instance, just getting track time is a job all in itself. Then, there's the small challenge of filming it. Nobody will believe you if it's not recorded, right? And what of things like a pit crew for any unforeseen mishaps, they're definitely a necessity.

Enter the team of behind-the-scene guys who are responsible for all of this. They need a plan to get this right and, with just two days available for the shoot, everyone needs to be on their game.

Ultimately, though, it all hinges on Vaughn and his drifting skills. Can he get it done? Why don't you go right ahead and press play on the video below to find out?

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