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Date: 2018-12-16

It's time once again to celebrate the best of the Nurburgring, more specifically, those who crash and fail.

I'm not sure what it is about watching other people fail that is so intriguing. Perhaps it's because it's usually a stupid mistake that ends up being hilarious to see, or maybe it's the horror of it all that keeps your eyes laser-focused. Most likely it's because you're just happy it's not you.

When it comes to cars (and the occasional bike), it's always fun to see them blasting through the corners and hitting those apexes but, at the Nurburgring that's open to the public, there are plenty of amateurs who want to see what their beloved car can do and novice racers testing their abilities.

And this often ends in catastrophe. Well, it's not always catastrophic, nothing more than gravel-traps or light bumper-bashings but, on the rare occasion, an airlift to the hospital is required. You watch anyway because, well, you want to see how things turn out.

Here's a crash and fail compilation from the Nurburgring that'll have you both cringing and laughing – sometimes at the same time. Don't worry though the most hectic ones are just of the aftermath so your petrolhead kids can watch too. Enjoy!

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