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Check out these awesome kit cars you can build in your very own garage from the ground up.

Sometimes, when strolling through your local car show, you might catch a car that captures your attention but you can’t necessarily figure out what it is. After asking around, perhaps you will figure out that the car is, in fact, a kit car.

Basically, the idea here is to take the drive train of another well-functioning car and combine it with custom bodywork, ending up with a finished product that’s unique but still has lots of the functional parts of another car, allowing it to be more reliable and easier to access parts.

In this way, it might be a supercar of sorts that’s one step closer to the people who can afford an average sports car.

With all sorts of different power plants, there are many nuances that you can expect with some of these cars and they can also grasp your attention and have you looking for hours. In addition, they really throw in a different mix of what you can normally expect to see at the local car show. It’s kind of a combination of building a completely custom car and simply modifying a platform that we all know and love.

While they aren’t the most popular thing on the streets by numbers alone, some of the more reputable kit cars definitely have a unique place in the landscape to be respected, plus, they can be a ton of fun.

Watch the video below to see five of the more popular kit cars that you might want to look into if this is something that sounds like your speed. With all sorts of different options to choose from, we’re not guaranteeing that you’ll be able to come out of this one with a full wallet because some of these options are really appealing, to say the least.

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