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Speeding and illegal street racing have been a big problem in South Africa, with 1670 drivers arrested between 2014 and 2016 for going more than 40km/h over the speed limit. A shocking 667 drivers were arrested for driving at speeds of over 160km/h. Owners of performance enhanced vehicles have been caught travelling at speeds over 230km/h. The severity of your speeding infringement could lead to punishment ranging from immediate arrest and jail time to an R20 000 fine.

Its well–known that the faster you drive, the more likely the force of impact is to kill you and others on the road. Even if you think you are a brilliant driver, speeding reduces your ability to steer your car safely and turn corners with control. It significantly reduces your reaction time, giving you little room to react or save yourself from a situation, almost guaranteeing a crash. The faster you go, the more likely it is that a crash would be fatal.

Just to prove a point, UK show Fifth Gear created a segment on what would happen to your car if you crashed at 193km/h – easily achievable in even mid–level cars.

The hosts of the show weren't even able to use the expensive crash test dummies because they damage was so bad that the dummies would be ripped to pieces! Viewing crash in slow motion shows us the car crushing so badly, it looks like the car has disappeared into the wall. On further investigation, the car was literally crushed IN HALF! The crash test dummies were a mess with their heads separated from their bodies.

It's a scary video to watch. Don't be a crash test dummy, arrive alive!

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