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There are numerous reports of Tesla drivers falling asleep at the wheel and causing devastating accidents in the belief that Tesla's Drivers Assist feature is fully autonomous.

Do all of these recent reports about Tesla drivers falling asleep at the wheel have something in common? Is it maybe that the Drivers Assist feature – which allows the car to maintain speed and assist in cornering – that makes the drivers fall asleep? Is it maybe the quietness of a fully electric car? Or is it that the drive is so close to being fully autonomous that it is incredibly boring for the driver?

Who knows, but what we do know is that Tesla's are not to be mistaken for being fully autonomous. The reality is that there are no fully autonomous production cars on national roads anywhere in the world currently, even though the technology might be close, or even ready, the laws are not in place as yet. Therefore, Tesla's – or any other car manufacturer alike – must not be mistaken for being fully autonomous.

In the video below we have a look at a news report of a shocking video of a Tesla driver and a passenger both fast asleep as the car continues to cruise around 55 miles per hour on a public road. In the video, past incidents similar to this one were also reflected on, but with catastrophic outcomes.

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