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These interviewers find truck enthusiasts and other people, shows them pictures of the new Tesla Cybertruck and the results are quite interesting.

So last month, Tesla founder and entrepreneur Elon Musk unveiled their brand new fully electric pick-up truck, aptly named the Cybertruck. A lot of car fans and truck enthusiasts have very mixed feelings about this new Tesla Cybertruck, mostly due to its unconventional looks and design, not necessarily because it is fully electric.

The overall concept and technology is indeed very impressive with two options. The entry-level pickup has a single motor driving the rear wheels, a 250-mile range, a super quick 0-60mph time of just 6.5 seconds, a 110mph top speed and a 3400kg towing capacity.

The all-wheel-drive option offers a 300-mile range, a supercar equivalent 4.5 second 0-60 time with a 120mph top speed and a mountain-moving 4535kg towing capacity from two motors driving all four wheels.

YouTube channel, TechKaboom, went in search of their interviewee's and found out what the public think of the all-new, all weird, all awesome new Tesla Cybertruck, and the reactions and opinions from these good folk are absolutely priceless!

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