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We have seen some crazy attempts at drag races, whether it be a supercar vs a sleeper or supercar vs a superbike, but here we see an old truck out-drag a Porsche Cayman.

The original 6.0-litre V8 may have been under-stressed, easy to repair and capable of a million miles between services, but speed is something that eludes ordinary versions of the 4.3-tonne truck. However, thanks to the petrolheads at AcademyG, this one has had ‘some work’ done. Here is a good time for us to hammer our fists down on the ‘understatement’ klaxon.

Various parts look to have been swapped for lighter equivalents, and, rather importantly, a huge section seems to have been chopped out of the middle to create a sort of cut-and-shut short-wheelbase ZIL-130.

Then there’s the other key change. Under the bonnet is the V8 from a crashed BMW X5 M. A little tuning work and it’s up to a claimed 700bhp. Combined with the weight savings and permanent all-wheel drive the truck has found a significant turn of speed.

Across several heats, the ZIL clearly asserts its dominance over the Porsche. We have to take the video creators on trust that they really were pushing the Cayman to its maximum, but an M2 also features – and gets utterly humiliated thanks to a terrible, wheel-spinning start. Trolling or not, this is one crazy Russian truck.

If your Russian is rusty, then jump straight to 13:20 to see the racing action.

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