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Yes, this Kraftwerk 917 may be a replica, but Porsche uses these in their museum because they're so damn good. So, what does one do with this famous LeMans racecar? Well, drive to dinner in it, obviously...

The Porsche 917 from the 70s were so dominant, they could lap the Spa racetrack 11-seconds faster than the F1 cars of the time. This LeMans Kraftwerk 917 is a nuts-and-bolts replica created from the original Porsche blueprints, albeit with a different engine and gearbox to save on costs.

This model has a flat-six, delivering power through five gears to the rear wheels. It's a proper road-legal racecar, and it looks fantastic. It is arguably the most iconic racer of its era.

So, what do you do with a car like this? Well, if you're Sam from Seen Through Glass on YouTube, then you hop in and drive it to dinner. Yes, it may not be an original, but it sure is gorgeous, and the owner, Brian, is a legend too.

So, go ahead and press play if you want to find out more about this modern take on a 70s racing icon, the Porsche 917 by Kraftwerk.

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