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We hold our breath as speculation regarding the Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxter siblings receiving a flat-six each grows closer to reality.

As good as the four-cylinder turbo currently doing duty in the current lineup is, it's just not the same as Porsche's terrific flat-six, and that's the bare truth. Nobody can argue that the turbocharged powerplant that was introduced in 2016 is superior in many ways to the flat-six it replaced, but for purists and Porsche connoisseurs, that glorious rumble of extra cylinders is sorely missed.

For that reason alone, the news on the wind that the 718-family are receiving an updated version of the 3.8-litre flat six from the previous Cayman GT4 is exciting. Speculation suggests that Porsche will release this motor in two states of tune, pushing out around 380hp for a Touring model, and up to 425hp for the sportier Boxter Spyder and Cayman GT4 models.

This is good news and will mean that Porsche will bridge the gap between the current Cayman GTS and GT4 siblings, expanding the range to include the base, T, S, GTS, Touring and Spyder/GT4 models.

The model depicted in the gallery above is of the Touring variety of both the soft- and hard-tops with, according to Jalopnik.com, "production-ready body panels and wheels." They also receive ceramic brakes and "the same rear diffuser and exhaust setup as their Spyder and GT4 siblings have been seen sporting" although the front fascia will be unique to the Touring models.

Ultimately, the flat-six powerplant will likely be well received and, with options of a harder performance model in the GT4/Spyder mould, or something more comfortable in the shape of the Touring models, there will be one that's perfect for you.

And it'll have those sound-holes on the side of your head thinking angels were descending from heaven. What more could you ask for?

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