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When you keep your eyes peeled you'll be amazed at what iconic beauties you can find, even here in South Africa!

Take a look at this insane devil, we present to you the astonishing 1995 Lamborghini Diablo VT. Yes, it's the same one you had postered on your wall as a kid. It's distinctive shape still grabs an incredible amount of attention, and let us not get started on the sound of that raw naturally aspirated V12, which the tone itself summons demons from the depths, and can be heard from miles away.

One thing that's really fascinating is the fact that this is a 1995 model, and the 90's doesn't seem so long ago, but in reality, automotive technology has advanced almost into science fiction. On set, we were staggered when we found out the radio face from its original tape-deck (that's right, tapes – as in cassettes) comes off! But that was the norm back in the day.

When you take the time to research the production of the Diablo's, only then will you truly appreciate just what you're looking at, there were only 2800 of them made worldwide!

Q&A with the owner:

Q: So firstly, tell us a bit about the car.

A: It's a 1995 Diablo. This specific model was built from '93 to '98. It was the flip up headlight version. The last of its kind built by Lamborghini. There were about 400 built in total and this is one of around 40 RHD's.

Q: Are there any modifications to this model?

A: It is factory stock including the alpine head unit, amp, shuttle and sub. The only modification is the Tubi exhaust.

Q: What figures are we talking in terms of power?

A: It has 500hp and 580nm of torque. It's a 4WD although the front driveshafts have been removed to make it more lively.

Q: Is it the original paint? What would prefer it to be?

A: Yes, it has the original paint but yellow would be better!

Q: Where do you get hold of those tyres?

A: The tyres are potentially a problem. I was lucky to find rears when I had a tyre failure three years ago.

Q: How often do you drive the car? Is it more of a show car, and do you ever put it on a track?

A: I drive the car as much as possible. As a result, the car is not show ready. I drive it on the track and on road trips. Nearly 90k on the clock it may be one of the highest mileage Diablos in the world. I can't wait to take it over 100k! It's a big bad Lambo, probably the last of a breed, and it's really fast. Will do 325km/h and 0 to 100km/h in 4 seconds dead! But it's really a big heavy truck. 1700kg. So it's very difficult to drive on the limit. With that said, every drive is a mad experience! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Q: You have a really neat car collection, but what would your dream car be?

A: I'm very fortunate that I have a few cars. My collection is eclectic so I get a variety of driving experiences. My ultimate "Eleanor" is the Ferrari F40.

Q: Lastly, the girls in the office would like to know if you get a lot of attention with your Diablo?

A: The car gets tons of attention. Unfortunately not much from women!

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