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Never heard of Studio 434? No worries, neither have we but, as it turns out, it's home to the largest collection of cars in Europe.

Five decades ago, a chap named Roger Dudding invented the ticketing system for public queuing at places such as the bank or supermarket, which, as it turns out, would turn out to be a resounding success. His other business – buying and selling lock-up garages in south London – was also fruitful, and allowed his love affair with cars to flourish.

Fast-forward fifty-odd years, and he now sports the largest car collection in Europe. Studio 434 is spread across two buildings that house over 420 cars, and it's always growing.

The cars in this collection span over 100 years, with the oldest being (according to their website) a 1911 Vulcan 15.9hp tourer with dicky seat, and the newest, a 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith that belonged to the wife of the late Beetle's band member, Sir George Martin.

The collection is an eclectic mix, a gathering of automobiles too vast to list. There are motorbikes too, not to mention a ton of memorabilia, with a combined conservative value of around 40-million pounds. Unsurprisingly, it also contains the largest private collection of Aston Martins too, "including 24 variants of the iconic Aston Martin Lagonda 'Wedge' model."

Please, press the play button on the video below and join James Batchelor from Auto Express as he takes us on an exclusive tour, including an interview with Roger himself. As it turns out, instead of being a stuck-up aristocrat, Mr Dudding is the type of chap I'd love to chat with over a pint at the pub.

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