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It is actually insane to watch this video and realise this collection of cars was made possible by posting videos to YouTube.

If you don't know him, this is Adam LZ, and he is a vlogger on Youtube. He vlogs about all things cars, especially the builds that he does with them.

It's easy to forget how many cars these famous YouTubers have when you get stuck into watching the individual builds progress, but when you see them all lined up next to each other, it's jaw-dropping.

Adam says, "What I'm most proud of is not how many cars I own - but how uniquely enjoyable each car is to drive. Each car is a different experience made to perform with an intention - and sounds sick!"

His passion for all things automotive is infectious, "This video was WAY more involved than I thought - just parking the cars took nearly an hour. It's been something I've wanted to do for months and seeing all the cars together was a bit shocking even for me."

And, with that said, it's time to take a look at this eclectic collection, from BMW's to Nissan's, Toyota Supra's to a big-ass truck. Enjoy the show!

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