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From zero mile collector pieces to an exquisite array of daily drivers, this car collection in Abu Dhabi is insane!

We are not kidding, this collection is insane. Hert and the Chairslayer from Hoonigan Unprofessional's take us on a trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to meet with fans of theirs, two chaps called Sultan and Kalifa, to take a look at what is inside their garages.

In the first episode, which we've skipped, Sultan shows us his drift car collection, which is crazy in itself, but in this episode, Kalifa shows us his vast, and jaw-dropping, automobiles.

Not only does he have drift cars too he's also got a garage with over 50 daily-drives that include numerous Land Rover Defenders and Series 1's, original Land Cruisers, a flock of restored American pick-ups and a boatload of sports cars. Including a Ferrari F40, if you can believe it.

But, he's also got another collection, and this one is more than insane. A lot of you may find it sacrilege, but in his 'gallery', he has dozens of zero-mile classics, sports and supercars, from Ferrari's to Bugatti's, Porsches and more.

If you want to spend the next 30-minutes realising just how poor you are, even if you own a supercar or two, then best you watch the video below. It truly is an insane collection of cars, and it's beautiful.

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