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Check out this guy making his dreams come true by building a drift track around his house.

In this one, we caught up with an individual who appears to really have a strong passion for drifting that goes above what the average drift fan’s love of sport would be. He doesn’t simply have a car that’s dedicated to drifting or just goes to the Formula D events every once in a while, instead, he's decided to convert his entire yard into a purpose-built drift track...

And, to be honest, we have to say that we’re loving every last second of the grand tour that we get of this guy’s home as he shows off what all of his hard work has amounted to.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll get the opportunity to catch up with the guy who has taken it upon himself to bring his love of drifting into his own front yard. And his backyard.

As you might have figured out at this point, this guy loves the sport so much that he has decided to take every square inch of his property that’s not taken up by the house and dedicate it to being able to practise the sport that he’s absolutely madly in love with.

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