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Yup, it's time to do something unconventional. Can a broken $500 Ford Explorer SUV be turned into a marvellous drift car? We join Tavarish to find out.

For most, purchasing a car that can be turned into a drift king is expensive, so is it possible to turn a cheap-as-chips SUV into an unconventional drift car?

YouTuber, Tavarish, invites his vlogger buddy, Chris from B Is For Build, to "to turn a roll-happy Ford Explorer on its last legs into a purpose-built drift car. At least that's the plan."

First things first, finding the project car. Then, it's time to find out what exactly is wrong with it, and then to fix the bits that one would need for the vehicle to actually work. 

The idea is then to lower it to prevent the top-heavy SUV from rolling over. The, stripping the disgusting interior, replacing the seats with some that offer more lateral support and are not infested with cockroaches, and installing a hydraulic e-brake.

They also work on the intake and exhaust for more power and weld the diff spider gears for the full drifting experience.

So, can the boys get all of this done in four days so they can make their drift appointment at the Florida International Rally And Motorsport Park in their "Drift SUV sleeper" called Dora? Find out now by pressing the play button below for some surprisingly enjoyable entertainment!

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