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An aftermarket tuner modifies a Ford Focus RS, pushes power to 513bhp at the wheels and a neck-breaking 380nm of torque.

Let's be honest here, the Ford Focus RS is by no means a slow car to begin with. Straight out of the factory, it pumps 306bhp or 228kw at the wheels with 380Nm of torque, which is quite a serious amount to start with. Usually, just a stage one upgrade will pump up some serious power with only a cold air intake and some quality software.

Tuning company, Mountune, released their brand new tuning package tagged the m520 MRX, which includes the following: A ceramic EFR-6758 ball bearing turbocharger, a cast turbo adapter, a free flow catalytic converter exhaust also with a downpipe as well as a silicone inlet and outlet elbow and a software tune from the respective brand.

Mountune is one of those great tuning companies where most of their products, modifications and workmanship are authorised by Ford themselves, so their products and services will not void your warranty, and furthermore, their products are guaranteed.

With the new package from Mountune, your Ford Focus RS will be something to be greatly feared on the race track!

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