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This Ford Focus RS pushes out an insane 900bhp!

This fire-spitting Ford Focus RS is owned by a 22-year-old dude named Glen. Now, a standard RS is already a powerful beast, but this one is not standard. Nope, this one runs on methanol. Well, not all the time, but when it does, it pushes out 900bhp.

We join Glen and the guys from Officially Gassed to find out more about this front-wheel drive, in the rain. The vehicle itself is set up so the boost is adjustable from the dashboard, in the lowest setting it pushes out 630bhp and will spin through fourth gear.

In its high-boost setting, and not using meth, it runs at around 800bhp and delivers a bum-squeaking, torque-steer filled ride. It's got upgraded brakes and suspension but is primarily a straight-line runner that doesn't like the twisties very much.

Find out all about this crazy Ford Focus RS in the video below!

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