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Puerto Rico is probably not the first destination that comes to mind when talking about tuner car culture, but they have an incredible variety of amazing cars as seen at the Tuner Evolution show day.

YouTube vlogger, Dustin Williams, is slightly different from most car guys. His videos are a mix of motoring, fitness and food and, in this particular case, all at once.

This time, Dustin takes a trip to Puerto Rico for the Tuner Evolution show day, and boy is he popular! Regardless, the showcase of cars is rather incredible, with many Honda's, Toyota's, Subaru's, Mitsubishi's and his personal favourite, a Nissan GT-R R35 by Top Secret.

It's always rewarding for any petrolhead to see a showcase like this, especially in a country where one would not imagine the culture would be so vibrant. It's a testimony to the power of tuner culture and its global reach.

So, stop waiting around, smash the play button and enjoy the video. If you're not into the foodie aspect, then skip forward to 6:45.

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