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This is a move that we have seen over and over again, this time around a 9 second Corvette Z06 crashes at a car show while showing off.

When people simply demand attention with their vehicles by driving erratically as they leave the car show, maybe leaving a little bit of rubber behind as they make their car into a spectacle, things can escalate in a hurry.

This isn’t necessarily always a problem as we do love a good burnout, however, we definitely have come to notice that if you want to have the attention on you, you better make sure that you’re ready to handle the outcome if, when everybody's watching, you end up making a blunder that puts you in a tough situation.

This time, the spectacle just so happens to be surrounding a newer Chevrolet Corvette Z06, the latest version of the car in the C7. As the video tells us, this car has been dialled in just right and has received a little bit of aftermarket love, or at least we’d assume, as the machine is dubbed to be a 9 second car in the quarter mile.

However, it appears as if this driver is using the monster machine to leave a car show when things just happen a little bit too quickly for him to react and, before he knows it, the whole sequence gets out of hand.

Watch below as this monster of a machine begins to rip a crazy burnout and rolls out of the show, however, it isn’t too long before that burnout goes pear-shaped, leaving the car swerving all over the road, hitting a curb and jumping into a ditch.

It kind of makes your insides curl to watch something like this. However, it looks like, all factors considered, the car actually didn’t end up doing too poorly for a little off-road session that I’m sure the people at Chevrolet weren’t planning on when they designed it.

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