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Diver finds a Chevrolet Corvette while scuba diving.

Once in a while, a great story surfaces about an incredibly rare car find, whether it be in a barn, in a storage warehouse or even underground! But this one simply takes the cake, a man finds quite a rare collector's item, a retro Chevrolet Corvette which has been underwater for quite some time! And its condition really shows!

But, the question always remains, why was the car abandoned especially a car like a Chevrolet Corvette? Something that anyone would know would end up being quite valuable. According to word of mouth, this car was apparently either stolen or abandoned due to some type of insurance fraud, and apparently, the owner left the country relatively soon after its disappearance.

Nevertheless, the scuba diver who found the Chevrolet Corvette, clearly quite a few good years later, seems as happy as a kid on Christmas morning when his team pulls the wreck out of the water after he discovered it. No one knows what the plan are with the car, or if it has or ever will be restored, a restoration attempt at a car in this condition will surely be one hell of a job though, being underwater since the 80s apparently will surely need more than a good wax on wax off.

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