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Don't rub your eyes, you read that correctly. The Hoonigans do a burnout on two wheels! That's not all though, we also join Ken Block as he tests his Hoonitruck in China.

First up, the Hoonigans jet off to a place called Zhangjiajie in China, which is home to road with 99 'sketchy' corners, and the site for Ken Block to race his four-wheel-drive 914hp Ford F-150 Hoonitruck in Climbkhana 2.

We all know what a beast the Hoonitruck is, and the guys are happy to remind us as they prepare it for a test drive at the Stunt Masters show happening at the same time. It's an incredible piece of machinery, and the footage is insane.

And then it happens... a dude by the name of Michael hops into a BMW police car and blows everyone's mind. Not only does he pop it up onto two wheels, but then proceeds to do a burnout and balance it while standing still. And, what is a show without someone doing a drift around the balancing car? Astounding stuff!

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