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Some Of The Biggest Racing Crashes Of 2018

Car racing is in inherently dangerous and often ends in crunched metal or worse – so, to illustrate

Ryan Reynolds Talks About Michael Bay, Car Crashes And Explosions – Funny!
Ryan Reynolds is well known as one of the funniest actors in Hollywood.The man behind Deadpool’s
2019 Nürburgring Crashes Compilation
The first half of 2019 has delivered yet more epic moments and plenty of accidents at the Nürburgring,
9 Second Corvette Z06 Crashes While Showing Off Doing A Burnout!
This is a move that we have seen over and over again, this time around a 9 second Corvette Z06 crashes
Drag Racing Crashes That'll Leave A Mark!
Drag strips can be super fun – unless youre one of these unlucky few.Thats right, blasting down
Video: Wrc Crashes 2000-2106
Rally drivers are a different breed. Theres something magical about watching them defy the laws of physics
Video: Most Insane Motorsport Crashes Ever!
Motorsport racing is one of the most dangerous sports out there - and yet millions sign up to join! Even
Video: Rally Crash Compilation Showcases Some Of The Most Mind-blowing Accidents Of The Year!
Watch nearly every rally car in existence get caught out by the same damn corners. They even have proper
Video: Lamborghini Huracan Crashes At The South African Festival Of Motoring!
In the video below, uploaded by Zero2Turbo, you can hear the Lamborghinis engine, see it come around
Video: The Best Onboard Racing Scenes And Crashes Of 2015!
Forget the World Rally Championships, the small time independent racers doing small events is where the
Video: Kanye West's Assistant Crashes His Lamborghini
Kanye Wests Assistant Crashes His Lamborghini into the gate of his house. Whoa thats a very expensive
Video: Check Out The Deleted Scenes From The Insane Xp1k3 Stunt Polaris Rzr Video, Showing All The Biggest Crashes That Went Down!
The XP1K viral film series has amassed more than 16 million views across YouTube, Facebook
Video: Idiot Teen Driver Crashes New Camaro Zl1 Into A Pool!
Just imagine looking out your back window, when all of a sudden, a sports car is sliding sideways into
Video: Idiot Crashes Slr Then Continues To Drive On Three Wheels!
Some people are just complete idiots and shouldnt be allowed to drive, let alone own a supercar. We’re
Car Fails Compilation – January 2019
Its time, once again, to see what people have been up to on the roads as January 2019 comes to an end.Its
Video: Ultimate Supercar Crashes Compilation
Go-Kart And Soapbox Car Fails Are Hilarious
Some people should never be behind the wheel of a go-kart, or even a soapbox car for that matter, just
Video: Reporter Almost Gets Killed When A Car Crashes Right Towards Him On Live News!
Not only does this reporter make your mum swoon, he also has the reflexes of a cat, which served him
Video: Lamborghini Murcielago Spins Out In The Rain And Crashes Hard!
Mario Cart, millionaire edition. Dramatic crash footage filmed shows the super car spin out of control
Video: Rally Driver Crashes, Causing A Huge Fire, Leading To Another Crash!
WRC driver Hayden Paddon rolled his Hyundai off the road in Portugal, starting a fire in the dry brush.
Video: This Is What A Real Storm During A Race Looks Like! Brutal Weather At The 24h Nurburgring!
Watch as rain and hail causes carnage at the Nurburgring 24 Hours.
Video: Supercar Idiot Drivers
Things we can learn from this video:Firstly, if youve got the money for an exotic supercar then youve
Video: $4million Laferrari Hypercar Crashes Onto Boulder In Italy!
This One of 499 Ferrari LaFerrari valued at $4 million USD crash on the 2016 Ferrari Cavalcade rally
Video: Watch A Guy Destroy His Friends $300k Ferrari 458 Italia. Ouch!
Text Book.... What not to do in a turn driving a $300K Supercar. Especially when it doesnt even belong