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The World Rally Championship is never dull, delivering thrills and spills in every race. This video celebrates all the crashes and near misses, and all the very best moments on the limit during WRC 2019.

Many will agree that World Rally Championship drivers possess the skill and reflexes that mere mortals don't, not to mention balls of steel. These guys are committed to driving on the very limit to shave off tenth's of a second from their competitors. 

This dedication rewards fans with the most spectacular displays of driving, with tons of sideways action, enormous air and crazy speeds. It also showcases their driving abilities as they save themselves from near-misses and unexpected obstacles.

However, it doesn't always go to plan, and that's when things go disastrously wrong. Mix high speed with a loose surface, blind corners and perhaps a miscommunication with their co-pilot, and drivers can find themselves tumbling down the side of a hill or being brought to an abrupt halt by solid and immovable objects in their path.

This then, is a compilation of the best of WRC 2019, from hi-paced action to serious wrecks, as the drivers push their steeds at maximum attack.

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