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This little hot girl shows how its done as she climbs up into her serious monster truck.

When it comes to how you modify your vehicle, there are all sorts of different tastes for different kinds of vehicle owners. For the owner of this blue oval, it appears as if hiking her truck all the way up to the sky happens to be her primary goal here as the big old Ford has been seriously lifted. It’s so high, in fact, that when the owner comes out of the store, she is able to walk right under the jacked up machine to get around to the driver’s side. There aren’t too many people out there who are able to say that they can pull that one off!

It looks like someone spotted this happening from across the mall parking lot and recorded the small girl trying to get up into the big truck, which looks like a heavy-duty task for just about anyone as she needs to make the use of the tire to get up into the truck. I mean, heck, when she walks up to the truck, she’s about eye level with the truck’s rocker panel, how awesome is that!? This thing is boosted up so high that it looks like it’s about ready to roll over all of the other cars on the highway on its way to surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Check out the video below as this major truck turns into a big win as its bite-sized driver is able to make that long climb all the way up to her perch above the world. I’m just imagining trolling around on the highways and not having to worry about anyone getting in my way because I don’t think that anyone in their right mind would find themselves wandering out in front of this lifted powerhouse as it prowls its way down the blacktop.

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