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This 4-year-old, Lila Kalis, is the drifting master! Ahe was put into a little electric car before she was able to form a sentence and the result is adorable. The cars are so small and underpowered she is able to control them like a pro without the risk of seriously hurting herself.

Her dad has even customised her cars, making them safer but still better to drift as he explains how he combines legitimate car parts to this toy electric car. She currently has a G–Wagon, Viper and a Red Dragon. Her Dad explains how her natural talent cannot be taught in the way that she navigated the accelerator, handbrake and steering.

Her rare talent even caught the eye of Bucky Lasek, professional race car driver, who thinks she has a potential career when she upgrades to a more powerful option.

But for now, she is amazing people from around the world. Watch the video and enjoy!

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