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When tomorrow meets today, the rules have to change – in this case, literally – so that this, the first electric Camaro drift car, is allowed to compete – here's an exclusive look at what makes it go.

Electric cars are a controversial topic here at SXdrv headquarters. Some believe it's blasphemy for any car enthusiast to even contemplate them while others, like myself, see their potential and feel excited about where they will take us.

Don't get me wrong, though, I salute and embrace companies like Lamborghini holding on to their naturally aspirated V8s for as long as possible, while the sound of American muscle unleashing its horses sends shivers down my spine.

It's just that electric vehicles are not going anywhere and, while many of them are lame, when guys make cars like this Camaro drift car, then it's time to acknowledge another form of propulsion possibilities.

In this video, we find out what it takes to create the worlds first electric drift car, how it all plugs together and the fundamental differences between electric and fossil fuelers.

It may sound like a golf cart, but it goes like the clappers and must be incredible to drive. Smash that play button and find out all about this electric Camaro drift car for yourself from James at Donut Media.

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