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Are Tesla's and other electric vehicles actually more friendly for the environment?

Since the concept of electric cars were unleashed into mainstream media, the question of how environmentally friendly they are has been vigorously debated in the media and pubs around the world.

It may seem pretty odd at first glance that a fully electric vehicle such as a Tesla would produce any emissions whatsoever, but energy itself – battery or gasoline dependant – has to come from somewhere.

Gasoline cars of today's day-and-age have been refined to make them as efficient as possible with modern technology but, unfortunately, they still produce quite a bit of CO2 emissions. Still, they're way better than cars of the 50's and 60's that used a lead based fuel that was significantly more harmful.

With today's technology we have refined our car fuel to such an extent that we're at the point where not much more can be done to produce a cleaner, more environmentally friendly gasoline-based fuel source without changing the energy source itself.

Youtuber, Engineering Explained, goes into depth with the mathematics behind the efficiency of each energy source in the video below. From refinement to the mileage you get out of a tank, electric vehicles and Tesla's included, the results will show you what fuel and energy system will be the way of the future!

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