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Is it possible to rebuild the engine of an abandoned Z28 1 LE Chevy Camaro racecar in 48-hours? No pressure!

It's quite a challenge, to rebuild the engine of a Chevy Camaro racecar in just 48-hours, but this is what Tavarish on YouTube set as a goal for this abandoned Z28 1LE. Enlisting the help of his friend, Jared, they set about doing just that.

The car, an SCCA World Challenge-winner, was abandoned in a parking lot for years and has seen better days. And, considering it was used as a track rental after it retired from pro racing, it was treated unkindly too. Which also means all liquids, the battery, belts, various parts and more need replacement.

This is a great video that acts as a guide to anyone who wants to try their hand at rebuilding an old Z28 1LE, and if it's a racecar, even better!

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