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When you have an oil leak in your 1930 Ford Model A, the best thing is to rebuild it. Well, that's what the guys at Hagerty decided anyway...

Back in 2016, the Hagerty crew built themselves a 1930 Ford Model A from parts they collected at something called the Swap To Street Challenge, which you can watch here if you like.

The endearing old-timer became like part of the family, but over the past few years, the trusty flathead four-cylinder developed an oil leak. The team decided it was the perfect time to give her a make-over of sorts for their Redline Rebuild channel – by stripping her down and completely rebuilding her.

The video below not only contains every part of the rebuild – which took months – but is filmed and edited unlike any other car rebuild time-lapse I've ever seen before. It's truly engaging and a must-see.

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