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Date: 2017-09-13

A group of youngsters are breathing new life into the world of monster trucks as they complete death defying stunts, despite their age. The Monster truck kids team is known as Team Kid KJ, which was formed back in 2010 by monster truck enthusiast Tod Weston and his son, Kaid KJ Jaret Olson-Weston who is 14 and who was the squad's first member. 

It cost more than $50,000 to have a custom made monster truck built for KJ. AT 11 feet long and 3,000 pounds, it is roughly half the size of an adult Monster Tuck. The team now boasts 20 full-time members from across the US and performs more than 60 shows a year.  All members of their team are required to have at least a B average in school. Tod said they are also working on a fitness program to make sure the children stay active.

KJ is the pioneer of this brand new sport. So we would like to have a monster truck camp where you learn how to drive a Monster Truck, and the winner of that, you know, the best driver at camp has the opportunity to be in a Monster Truck show,” Tod said.

Please, can we rewind to being a badass-monster-truck-driving-kid? Check out the badass-kids in the video below!! 

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