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A semi truck driver involved in a collision unknowingly drags car up a highway for nearly four miles.

When rolling along highways and pulling a heavy load in a semi truck, it might be easy to miss some of the small nuances that you would otherwise have. Naturally, if you’re driving a smaller car, you’re going to feel a lot more of the road than if you’re rolling along with a massive truck that will react in a different way entirely.

During this video, however, we check out a situation that’s really hard to believe as a semi truck manages to become one with another car on the road after a collision and, according to the person who uploaded this one to the web, the truck dragged that car along for an astonishing four miles.

Everyone watching this one had to be in shock and awe as the destroyed car just kept on moving, being stuck underneath the back of the truck, apparently without the driver noticing. Thankfully for the guy in the car, some good Samaritans stepped in and got the semi truck to come to a stop so that they could get him out and assess the damage.

Thankfully, the guy driving the car did end up being alright but it’s not really clear how the guy behind the wheel of this truck could go on for such a long distance without noticing that there was a car wedged under the back of his truck… or for any distance for that matter.

Check it all out below and be sure to tell us what you think of this unique situation that really makes some questions pop up!

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