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Date: 2018-10-18

This brings a whole new level of crazy to the summer Olympics, or that of the car world at least – this truck long jump competition is amazing.

This is a sport we can all get behind. Nothing like taking your truck off a massive jump and seeing how far it gets. I’m sure a lot of people end up breaking stuff, but that’s all part of it, I mean, what motorsport can you get into without the risk of breaking parts in one way or another.

It looks like one of the main rules is you had to have had at least four beers before competing, and that’s just the way we like it. Same run up length, same ramp, but we're not sure if this competition is as sophisticated as to categorise the power output by class or not. Nevertheless, it still seems like great fun!

I was definitely hoping to see someone with a stock truck pull up and give it a try, but alas, maybe next time.

Crack open a beer and enjoy the ride!

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