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And now, for something completely different! A lady, who goes by the name of Simone Giertz, turned her Tesla into a pickup truck. Welcome to Truckla – Available Nowhere.

Many of you may not know who Simone Giertz is, but she's been a fan favourite of one of our sister sites for ages and is a hilarious character. Known as The Queen Of Shitty Robots, Giertz made a name for herself by inventing whacky creations that don't really work that well. She's so good at it though, and her 1.8 million YouTube subscribers can attest to that.

In this video, she reveals her latest project, turning a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup. She reckons it's because Elon Musk is still a couple of years away from delivering one and that's not going to help her cause.

First-things-first, she has to buy one, then, she pulls in a bunch of favours from friends who know better than she does. Watching them strip this Tesla is terrific, especially as they have no real plan. Ultimately, after many long hours, lots of fabrication, taking parts from other donor trucks, and cursing like a sailor, they get enough of it done in time to shoot a spoof-commercial for Truckla...

It's great to watch, both the build and the commercial, so I've added both of them below. Happy viewing!


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