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What does it take to rebuild a smashed Lamborghini Huracan? The guys over at Goonzquad find out.

When footage of an accident involving a Lamborghini Huracan made the news, the Goonzquad thought they'd track down the wreck, purchase it and then try their luck at getting back up and running.

This ten-minute or so video documents everything they did to the car, from panel-beating and fabrication to upholstery and paint. They did an overhaul of the damaged motor and even re-did the rubber seals for the windows. They also upgraded the exhaust system, replaced the damaged wheels and the parts for the front-end damage.

If you want more in-depth information regarding the build, then you can watch each episode individually as they document their progress. Otherwise, I suggest you hit that play button below and enjoy the show.

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