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The 2000s was an enjoyable time for car shows, but looking back at many of them now, I must admit, they were kooky. Pimp My Ride with Xzibit as the host must be the most iconic... and nuts.

Who could forget MTV's Pimp My Ride... it was, without doubt, the best show out there for youngsters who had never been exposed to car modification before.

If you didn't see it, go check it out on YouTube. Back then, Xzibit was the crazy host who would collect a basket case of a car from a lucky contestant and take it to West Coast Customs to be modified. We're not just talking shiny new wheels and a lick of paint though, we're talking waterfalls in the back of a van, an electric fireplace in the back seat of a sedan, or playing cards shooting out of the exhaust – anything kooky that played to the personality of the contestant.

Between 2004 and 2007, Pimp My Ride was popular around the world and, in fact, it ranked second only to a show called The Real World in the US. But, looking back, it's crazy to think we enjoyed it so much. We were starved for motoring entertainment though, with just a handful of custom car shows available, unlike now with magical YouTube.

Since the show ended though, it has come to light that the workmanship was rather poor and none of the cars received any mechanical work, but they did occasionally redeem themselves by replacing some of the cars with new ones because they were deemed too unsafe to work on.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't the only kooky car show at the time, but the others didn't quite have that wow factor. Let's join Wheelhouse as they go for a trip down memory lane to kooky 2000s car shows.


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